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Rehabbing a Historic Property the Right Way Can Yield Property Tax Savings

Rehabbing a historic home can come with many headaches. There are the high costs associated with electrical rewiring, making foundation and structural repairs, reconfiguring plumbing, removing environmental toxins like asbestos, lead, radon, wood rot and mold.

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Am I Missing Any Property Tax Exemptions?

Are you concerned that you may not be receiving all of the exemptions that you qualify for on your property tax bill? You can review the current list of exemptions for Cook County properties and find out:

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Relief for Seniors Struggling to Pay Property Taxes

Many senior citizens are having a difficult time paying their property taxes. Well, now they can take advantage of the Senior Citizen Real Estate Tax Deferral program administered by the Cook County Treasurer’s Office.

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What is the Covid-19 Adjustment for Cook County Property Taxes?

Due to a record-breaking number of unemployment claims in Illinois, significant downturns in some commercial sectors, widespread loss of rental income, and disaster declarations in Cook County, the Cook County Assessor’s Office determined that Covid -19 adjustments should be made to some property values.

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Am I Due a Refund for my Property Taxes?

Are you wondering whether or not you are due a refund on your property taxes? More than $100 million in property tax refunds is owed to thousands of Cook County residents, according to Maria Pappas, and most have no idea they are due money.

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Why Has My Property Tax Bill Increased, Again?

According to the Office of the Cook County Clerk, there are four impactful factors that affect whether or not individual property tax bills will increase or decrease.

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