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Property Tax Appeals Attorney in Cook County, Illinois

Why Use a Cook County Property Tax Appeal Attorney?

You don't need a lawyer for a Cook County property tax appeal. Cook County has tax consultants who are not attorneys, so you may ask if it's worth it to hire a property tax lawyer. There are many reasons one might use a property tax attorney. A property tax lawyer may notice seemingly minor things of which you may be unaware. What may be simple for an experienced lawyer may seem complex and overwhelming to you.

Having a lawyer act as an intermediary will often mean a better supported, more objective argument. But as valuable as the knowledge and experience of a property tax attorney can be, another consideration is that every Illinois real estate tax attorney is subject to serious discipline for violating the ethical rules of the Illinois Supreme Court.

You can appeal yourself, get a Cook County property tax attorney or use a tax consultant, but if you do use one and there's a problem, where will you turn? If you lose money because a lawyer acts unethically, the Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission can help you seek restitution, but only if you use a lawyer.

You don't need to use a property tax attorney, but it can be very worthwhile. Contact my office in Evanston, Illinois today to find out if we may be able to save you money.

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Chicago & Cook County Property Tax Appeals

Sometimes taxpayers won't file a property tax appeal because they worry that could result in the Cook County Assessor increasing rather than lowering their assessment. If you file a Cook County tax appeal, the Board of Review and the Cook County Assessor have the power to raise assessments, but that virtually never happens. The analysts responsible are tasked to try to arrive at a fair outcome, which is usually a compromise, not to punish people for filing a tax appeal.

During the 29+ years since my first Cook County tax appeal, the most frustrating mistake I've seen is people talking themselves out of filing an appeal for unsound reasons. Their reasons may make sense to them but they may differ from how a property tax attorney would analyze a Cook County tax appeal.

If I sent you one of my advertising letters, you should appeal, because we have already completed a preliminary analysis of your property. Whether you hire me, choose someone else or do it yourself, you should appeal.