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Cook County Property Tax Lawyer — 66 Relevant Links

Property Tax Lawyer Cook County — 66 Links & "Handwaving"

My favorite links on this page include "How to appeal your Illinois property taxes Without a Lawyer," a helpful book written by former Illinois Governor Pat Quinn in 1988. The concepts are still sound, so if you want to appeal your house yourself, G–d bless you and I hope you win big.

Here is my "Catch-22". I would like to include a link to the Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission (ARDC) to be one of my "favorite" links, but since I'm an attorney I would need the permission of the ARDC and I understand they only grant permission to government agencies, which may be to prevent folks from mistaking ARDC approval of the link for ARDC approval of the attorneys in private practice who put the link up on their website. In any case, this is what I would say if I were allowed to link to the ARDC site: "Next is a link to the Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission—because I've done SO many cases over the past 29 years that if I wasn't treating people right I think it would have caught up with me long before now."

The Cook County Assessor's Office link has a useful "Property Look-up" feature, and the Board of Review is now able to process online filing only because of the help of Assessor Joseph Berrios. Mirabile dictu (Latin for "too wonderful for words"), the assessor and the Board of Review are suddenly finishing their work approximately 2-4 months EARLIER than just several years ago. It's such a dramatic sea change, it's like night and day. It just seems hard to believe.

I was introduced to the concept of "handwaving" by a chemistry professor at the University of Illinois. I was reminded increasingly of handwaving as I created the About Us page on this site. Handwaving occurs as verbiage becomes "muddled."
On About Us I tried to make it clear that one could essentially disregard the roughly 90% of that page that is not highlighted in yellow.

Hover over the Better Business Bureau link and it displays the date. The 'A+' is also a BBB link.

Cook County, Illinois township links (Chicago townships just exist as boundaries):

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