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I genuinely love this picture! Snapped from a plane about a mile north of downtown Evanston and pointed virtually due south, downtown Evanston dominates the foreground with the world renowned Chicago skyline anchoring the background and Lake Michigan to the east, a little over half a mile from my Evanston law office (N.b. "We are here"). So why am I, Richard Shapiro, Chicago property tax lawyer, Cook County-Lake County property tax appeal lawyer, so excited by this exceptional picture of Cook County real estate? This one picture includes where I was born and raised, went to four schools and continue to live, work, love and play. I was born in Chicago about half a mile from the lake in the haze of the background, a bit north of Wrigley Field, and I was raised in Rogers Park, 4 miles north of where I was born, 3 miles south of my Evanston office, and a little over half a mile from the lake, just about the same distance as where I live now! I've always lived in Illinois - Chicago, Champaign or Evanston.

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