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Cook County Property Tax Attorney, Chicago Tax Appeal Lawyer

Richard Shapiro: Experience
(Clients' Thank-You Letters)

Chicago Real Estate Tax Attorney

My name is Richard Shapiro. I appeal Cook County property tax. I've been a property tax attorney for almost 25 years. From 1991-2012, I acquired over 21 years of experience representing the owners and users of real estate with my practice limited to Cook County property tax appeals. Repeatedly introduced as "Mr. Uniformity" by my mentor, I became well known throughout the Chicago area as I established a reputation as "the king of residential" Cook County property tax appeals, though I also file tax appeals on other kinds of properties. I filed my first Lake County property tax appeal in 2012. My fee varies depending on the type of property being appealed, but usually involves a percentage of the dollars I save you whether it involves a Cook County tax appeal, a Lake County tax appeal or various property tax appeal services.

Lake County Property Tax Lawyer

I do file Lake County property tax appeals. A Lake County tax appeal isn't that far from Evanston, Illinois, and we do good work—or so I have often been told. But if my website seems clunky, maybe it is. Developing it is just a little hobby, not my day job.
I have won over 100,000 tax appeals. I don't know of anyone else who can say that. Of course I don't always win, and prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome. If you want a guarantee, get a toaster. I'm just a property tax appeal lawyer advertising.

How To

Appeal Property Tax? Relief! Tax Appeal Attorney

Richard Shapiro

I file Cook County property tax appeals. Mired in his Chicago property tax appeal, Robert wanted property tax relief and a Cook County property tax lawyer he could consult about how to dispute property taxes, how to reduce property taxes, how to lower property tax reassessment, how to appeal property tax assessment, how to get property tax help and to see how a property tax lawyer can appeal property tax relief.

Cook County Tax Appeal Lawyer

There are several places to file a property tax appeal. You may be able to file the tax appeal at a township assessor. In Cook County you can file a property tax appeal at the Cook County Assessor. You can file a property tax appeal at the county Board of Review; you can file a property tax appeal at the Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board. The property tax appeal agencies help keep real estate tax appeals out of the courts, and a property tax appeal lawyer can help dissatisfied folks appeal property tax relief.

To appeal property taxes you should appeal property tax assessment increases, and to lower property tax assessment increases, you have to contest property taxes, fight property taxes, appeal property tax increases and get property tax help for a property tax challenge in order to get a property tax reduction. To appeal property tax and get property tax relief, Robert had to learn how to appeal property tax in Cook County to get a property tax reduction, appeal assessment increases for property tax relief and appeal property tax relief with a property tax lawyer for an even lower property tax. A Cook County tax appeal can lower property taxes, thus help give property tax relief.

Richard Shapiro, Attorney at Law

Clients' Letters to Richard Shapiro

Dear Shapiro Group

Thank you so much for saving me money on my taxes. Over the years your office has made my life a little easier by having my taxes reduced. You people are the best!! When your work load gets too heavy remember this thank you note from an old lady who can't spell but you put a smile on her face.

Thanks again,

property tax appeals chicago tax appeal lake county tax appeal attorneys

November 11, 2010

Dear Mr. Shapiro,

Thank you for your recent letter and related papers regarding my property tax assessment and exemptions. Your check was a pleasant surprise, for which I am most grateful. My thanks for it, and for all your service in the past.


Dear Richard,

We wanted to thank you for the tax relief obtained for us by your firm. We look forward to using your services in the future and to continue recommending your firm to others.


Attorney at Law

March 12, 2008

Richard Shapiro, Esquire
1327 Chicago Avenue
Evanston, IL 60201-4724

Dear Mr. Shapiro,

Congratulations and thank you for the outstanding representation you provided on my 2007 real estate tax appeal. Your firm has always provided excellent professional services to me and the clients that I have referred your way.

I am pleased to announce that I am expanding my tax and legal practice, which focuses on income and estate tax planning, compliance and audit representation for high net worth individuals. I am sharing this with you in the hope that you would be willing to recommend me to those of your clients in need of such services.

Thanks again!

Very truly yours,

Dear Mr. Shapiro,

I thank you for your help. I'm sorry that I don't have the total amount of $328.00 at this time. I'm sending you $128.00 and will send the remaining $200.00 next month. I hope this is acceptable with you. Please send me a reminder.

Thank you so much,


Dear Mr. Shapiro -

Enclosed is check payment per your invoice --- you sure did a good job for me. Make sure you look into this again 3 years from now to appeal again. I'm sure happy to pay this bill because of all the savings.

If you or any of your staff ever are down this way (about 128 miles south) make sure you stop and visit or even spend a weekend. It's just a little farm in the country but it's quiet and peaceful.

You all are sure welcome!

Many Thanks!

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